The capital investment

Too low trading capital makes it necessary that the trader must choose the markets targeted, he will not be left without money after a few trades. A small account complicates rational risk management.

If you have a start deposit of 10,000 euros and per trade risk a maximum of one percent of the capital, the use of a subsequent trade to 100 euros would be limited. Place the stop loss in a stock 2 euros away and pay order fees (round turn) of 20 euros, you go through the following facts should just buy 40 shares. Get on the futures trading, buying only one contract would be possible.

This eliminates any tactical options as part of sales . On top of a strong performance pressure if you want the trading life. An annual income of 20,000 euros net with only 10,000 Euro Trading Capital an unrealistic endeavor.

Tip: Use a small account, you can operate trading if the trading fees are not high. In DEGIRO ( best investment account 2018 ) domestic orders XETRA cost share only 2.08 euros. This is positive for your return.


The better one capital, the more trading opportunities you have. A large account also allows a good money management, which is vital to the trader. Pay attention to low trading fees. Improve your performance can, merely by choosing your broker. Sometimes to reduce fees by dispensing with certain additional benefits and services.


Trading inspires many, because it the Read the latest review dream of financial independence can be made true. Many fascinated studying chart images and the search for the perfect introduction to a security. Not all dreams come true, the same goes for trading. A high hurdle set the time and knowledge as well as start-up capital. The required initial capital depends on the style of trading, the money management and the desired income and therefore varies considerably.

Professional traders capital

Small start-up capital is sufficient for hobby Trading at DEGIRO from

How much start-up capital needed a trader by profession?

The amount of initial capital for a skin professional traders of greater importance than for a trader as a sideline. It depends on a variety of factors:

  • Planned profit per trade / month

Based on the planned average earnings per month, the average number find out if other traders think of trades can be determined. Now the trader knows the profit to be achieved on average per trade. If a net monthly salary of 5,000 euros to be achieved is a seed capital of 50,000 euros, the minimum capital requirements.

  • costs

A salary of 5,000 euros net requires higher gross income. The trader has to cover with its revenue cost of computers, Internet, office or consulting fees and pay taxes (withholding tax). A self-employed health insurance contributions are fully pay out of pocket. Nearly 150,000 euros to be taken each year if, after all costs, taxes and insurance 100,000 Euro should remain at least. From 50.000 euro start-up capital, such a high surplus is not easy to achieve. A very high initial capital always has the advantage that the rate of return to be achieved may be less. Nevertheless, so that personal goals can be achieved.

  • Type of securities

The initial capital required depends on the traded securities, with Here’s all you should know before you sign up these different funding mechanisms are based. When trading stocks, the calculation of capital is simple and transparent. The price of a stock and the size of the stock position to determine the amount of capital invested, less order fees. An equity position of EUR 1,000 plus 2x 10 € order fee makes a load of 1,020 euros. Increases according to the Performance or falling shares. The average sale price is credited to the deposit account. € 50,000 seed capital some trades can be placed.

With CFDs thanks is leverage little start-up capital needed. A margin must be deposited by the trader, which is only a fraction of the moving capital. A high leverage always means high risk.

The Bitcoin price has risen

Hardly anything splits the opinions on the stock market currently as much as Bitcoin. The course is chasing from one record to the next: Today, he rose to a high of about 8295 US dollars – an increase of over 740 percent since the beginning of the year. But the Bitcoin Code value fluctuates greatly. EXCHANGE ONLINE explains how investors can invest in Bitcoins why the cyber money is so popular and what the alternatives are. By Julia Pfanner

The Bitcoin price has risen by more than 740 percent since the beginning and now stands at a record level of about 8295 US dollars. What drives the price so high?

The recent rally in cryptocurrency was fueled mainly by the possibility of introducing a Bitcoin futures in the US. Previously, among other things, plans for a regulated marketplace for such digital currencies supported the share price.


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The six largest crypto currencies. Bitcoin Code is the clear No. 1

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in Mrd. US-DollarDie sechs größten KryptowährungenBitcoin ist die klare Nummer 1Marktwert in Mrd. US-DollarBitcoinEthereumBitcoin

What is the difference of such art currencies to euro, dollar and Co.?

Behind currencies such as the Bitcoin are neither states nor central banks. The currency there is only digital. The share price or the price of Bitcoins results solely by supply and demand. If in doubt no more demand for the crypto money there, it could completely lose its value. Increases the demand on the other hand to as at the time, it could also significantly go up with the course.

What are the main features of Bitcoin?

With the crypto currency transactions to governments and banks can be handled by: You are directly transferred from one address to another. Each transaction of Bitcoins is visible to anyone about to . The website shows how many coins are just of what Bitcoin address to which transferred. Who is behind the respective address remains secret. The transactions are encrypted – with Bitcoins can pay anonymously. That is the reason why they have a bad reputation as a currency for criminals. The digital coins are the currency of the darknet, so the anonymous part of the Internet.

What have Bitcoin and gold, according to many market players have in common?

Gold is considered a safe haven in times of crisis. Hintergoldingen as behind Bitcoin are not states or governments. Unlike so-called fiat currencies such as euro or dollar Gold can not be increased arbitrarily, and is therefore protected against inflation. Also Bitcoins can not be increased at will. That is its technical nature. In the underlying program code stipulates that there shall be a maximum of 21 million digital coins. This makes the monetary gold similar. So far, according were “mined” approximately 16.7 million Bitcoins. The more coins in circulation, the more complex winning more virtual coins. Meanwhile, going almost exclusively with large data centers. Here, the power consumption by the computing power required by the increasingly for digging,

What is the technical background of Bitcoin?

2008 one or more programmers invented under the name Satoshi Nakamoto Bitcoin. The digital currency is generated on computers. The technique is based on Bitcoin, called block chain. It can be thought of as a chain of information about all Bitcoin transactions that were ever made. So to speak, a sort of digital bookkeeping. Everyone who belongs to the network has the same and complete information on all transactions. When a new block is generated from transactions, he will be attached to the chain. This is the point at which there are the so-called “Miner” to the train.

The generation of new Bitcoins is called “mining”. To attract new coins provide users the network computing power. The BTC-ECHO page describes the process this way: If a new block generated by transactions Miner verify them and convert the block into something shorter to. The result is a so-called hash – a sequence of letters and numbers. The code is stored in the respectively currently last block of the chain, then the next new block is in turn attached to the. Miner are competing on the lookout for new block – they are successful, they were given new Bitcoins. Depending on the contribution of computing power Bitcoins are awarded proportionally. until it reaches the limit of 21 million coins, the amount is so although more slowly, but steadily larger. By mining the block chain is protected from tampering. A Bitcoin can not be spent twice, for example.

Besides Bitcoin there is Bitcoin Cash and Bitcoin gold. Why?

On October 25, the second spin-off has already taken place in the young life of cryptocurrency: from Bitcoin was diverted Bitcoin gold. This process is called “Hard Fork”. With Bitcoin gold is to make it for private people again possible to mine Bitcoin. Bitcoin gold went free to owners of Bitcoins.

Bitcoin Cash was cleaved from Bitcoin on 1 August. The background was a dispute over the speed of Bitcoin transactions. At the same time, a limited number of transactions is possible. This means that there will be long waiting periods and / or high fees. An update called “Segwit2x” should make the transactions more quickly, in which the size of a block is extended. A smaller group of miners was not enough. so they called Bitcoin cash into being. Here are the block eight times as large as the original. Each Bitcoin owners got free Bitcoin Cash.